Things to know about obtaining a police check

As a job seeker it is a must that you undertake a police check certificate which displays no offences to be able to prevent them from having to work with the aged care. Check out the police check online to find out the list of relevant offences.

Options of being able to obtain a police check

As per the guidelines, the approved providers of services that require a police checkcan be able to get it on behalf of the individual or the individual can get it on their own.  In Australia, it can be through:

  • The AFP – the Australian federal police of the state police
  • Can engage with a third part provider online who is accredited body of the Australian criminal intelligence commission like KONCHECK or ACIC.

When to obtain a police check

It is recommended generally to get a police check for jobs like care for the aged before you go applying for the job. But in some instances, however, there are exceptions which can be mad. If volunteers or staff members applied for the check, but it is not yet out, there will be a need for a statutory declaration. The declaration has to state that you have not been convicted of any offenses that are precluding.

Because the national police check only handles offenses which are under the territories of Australia and its states, the permanent residents to other countries will be required to sign a statutory declaration that they had not committed or been convicted of any precluding crimes.

The police check certificates are required generally to be renewed after every three years for those working in care giver industry. As per the guidelines, a provider who is approved has to take the necessary measures in making sure that people who are working with them already have to inform them in case they get convicted within the three years.

Offenses which preclude aged care employment

As per the act, an individual will not be allowed to work in the aged care industry in case they have committed the below offenses:

  • Convicted of any assault
  • Convicted of any murder or sexual assault

All those who have been convicted with the aforementioned charges can never work as unsupervised volunteer. If any staff currently working or volunteering ends up committing the offenses, the approved provider has to take strict step against them.

Measures to take for other offenses

As per the guidelines of the police certificate, any other offense which is not preclude an application form having to work with the aged care has to be dealt with on a basis of case by case. If a provider who is approved decides that a person with any conviction that is recorded can work in the sector, their decision has to be defensible and transparent.

The approved provider has to look out into:

  • The offense’s relevance to the role of the job
  • The length the crime happened
  • The attitude of the person towards the offense
  • Any pattern of criminality or if it is a case that is just isolated
  • The person’s employment history since the conviction

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