Social media basically create an electronic platform where individualsrelate with one another by creating online communities to exchange contentvia the use of videos, images, texts, emoji and stickers.Different examples of social media networks include WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, Telegram, Snapchat, Quora, Reddit, Instagram and blogs.

Functionalities of social media 

  • State authorities are able to track users through their social media accounts and records. It is interesting used for criminal investigations. It has proven proficient in the past and is still efficient. Investigators are able to track useful information provided it is stored in the cloud.
  • Some social media are used as tools for association with friends and family. People are able to actively engage with others through these platforms. An example of this is WhatsApp and Telegram. They are very efficient ways of relating with others. Users get to discuss with their buddies through typed or voice messages. The typed messages include the use of fun emojis, various stickers and GIFS. Voice and video calls are also included for a more engaging experience.
  • Social media networks assist in rapid dissemination of information to the public. An example is Twitter. The network’s forte is ensuring its users are up to date on various subjects worldwide. Content are user generated; preventing bias information mostly provided by news agents.
  • Social media help with health related issues. Users are able to deal with health issues in more efficient ways. This is because they are able to gain access to target content in relation to their health complications. They arealso able to gain emotional support and advicefrom other users who have gone through these health complications or are still going through them.
  • Individuals use social media to accumulate information on basically every topic. This is due to social media’sdiverse media coverage. Dependable information is available as professionals on numerous niches also do create content on social media networks.
  • Users use social media to show themselves to the public eye. They do this strategically as they try to win acceptance in the social community. The social community is another vast universe on its own. However, users should be careful not to post sensitive information that could make them targets of dubious individuals.
  • Brands use social media as a way to make research on the grade of their products from the report received from their online customers. Thus, enabling them to effectively address existing issues and make necessary adjustments for their customers. The brand eventually reaps multiple benefits. It is able to grow as well as reach more customers.

Twitter accounts

Twitter accounts can be very fruitful and producing as it has well over than 330 million active users per month. You definitely can use twitter to promote your content if you have a large follower train. It is possible to get banned if you fake twitter followings; hence always avoid fake followers. From genuine sites, you can buy twitter followers instantly. There are sites that can be used to audit a twitter account to check for fake followers.

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