Know Whether Sports Betting Is The Face Of Modern Gambling

Nowadays, sports have become a major hub for investing money and earning money through matches either legally or illegally. Big companies or the world’s wealthy citizens take full advantage of the fast-growing popularity of the sports and invest their money on the teams or the players, give sponsorship, and sometimes even own a team in many leagues.

Sports have gained so much popularity in the world because the leading companies and people worldwide are investing a lot of money into it and are showing the craze and interest for the same.

What is Sports Betting?

Sports betting is a way of illegally predicting the sports results before the matches or the final result and placing a bet on the match’s outcome. Sports betting is almost there in every sport and even present in reality shows and political elections. Some bet is placed by using the knowledge of sports or showing loyalty to their team. Such bet is not considered illegal as this does not tamper the outcome of the match.

Sports bettors place their bet legally through a government-approved website and sportsbook or illegally through privately run enterprises who have some secret contacts with the players or teams. Many traditional ways of betting sites can be found online or in casinos approved by the government where you can bet your money.

Fair and Legal Sports Betting

Many sports are open to betting, and in many countries, sports betting is not termed as a criminal offence, and the government has approved betting places and websites to run and place the bet. Sports like horse racing, greyhound racing, on-track race betting are open to betting where companies invest their money on horses and players before the races. Countries like Argentina, Australia, Ghana, Mexico are all open for bettors online and in parlours are open where betting is fully taking place without restrictions.

Unfair Sports Betting

Most of the sports are totally against betting and fixing as they think predicting results before the matches are against the law and sportsmanship as this destroys the beauty of the game and excitement of the fans. Players or teams found fixing a game or doing any scandals against the rule of sports are seriously punished and even banned from playing again. A special sports authority and the court handle these kinds of cases, and the punishment to the players and team is more severe than that of the bettors. This even affects the integrity of sports.

Some big scandals include the test match between England and Pakistan, where 3 Pakistan players were found guilty of spot-fixing. They were purposely bowling the no-ball and giving certain runs in over that were pre-decided by the bettors. They even gave some indication before the over so that the bet can be placed by the bettors and hence were caught in the camera and were suspended by ICC for ten years. Another incident took place in IPL, where 3 Indian players were caught doing the same thing and purposely giving away the runs. All three were banned for life.

Is it Good or Bad?

Sports betting is fun for the bettors as they win huge money, but this could destroy the career and life of the players who get convinced to do this illegal practice and destroy the beauty of sports. Sports results can be predicted before the match but in a legal and using sports knowledge so that it does not spoil the integrity of the games and be played fairly. Engage yourself more into this topic by browsing at

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