Deals Offered by Travel Sites to Medical Workers

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to sweep, travel companies offer special deals to medical workers.

Hotels, car rentals, and cruises are just a few options available. Before booking, please make sure to review COVID-19 travel restrictions.

There are a lot of deals offered to medical workers. These deals can save you money on your trips and are great ways to help stretch your budget even further.

Many of these deals are only available for frontline healthcare professionals. However, others are also open to first responders and other essential workers.


Tours and activities are generally available directly through hotel front offices or tour and activity providers. However, the mobile generation, particularly millennials, like to use their phones to research and schedule a trip or activity right away.

As a result of this shift in user behavior, various online tour and activity wholesalers have emerged.

The healthcare community has a lot of travel deals to choose from. Some of these deals are geared toward nurses and doctors, while others are available for all travelers. To check some of these deals, click here.

Many of these deals also include meal plans, which can help reduce the cost of a hotel stay for medical workers. In addition, it can be beneficial if you’re traveling with your family. Finally, these rooms can be a perfect place to relax after a long day in the hospital.

Some of the deals offered by this travel site include free breakfast, complimentary Wi-Fi, and parking. They also provide discounts on car rentals and flights for medical professionals.

The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) has launched a national Hospitality for Hope initiative that will match emergency and healthcare workers with hotels willing to offer them free rooms. In addition, the AHLA is working with state and local governments and healthcare and first responder agencies to create a database that will help connect medical professionals with the right hotel.

Other travel sites have also been offering these discounts. Some of these deals include up to 65% off of regular-priced rooms.

Numerous hotel chains have teamed up with organizations to offer discounted room nights. These discounts are helpful for nursing staff and can also be an excellent way to show appreciation for the hard work these workers do for their communities.

Car Rentals

As you’ve probably noticed, many companies have been taking the lead in showing their support to medical workers fighting the coronavirus by offering them perks and deals. Hotels, airlines, car rental companies, and more are all stepping up to provide their services free of charge to help the community fight the spread of this deadly virus.

One of the biggest perks for healthcare workers is the ability to rent vehicles at a reduced rate with their respective insurance companies—for instance, some insurance providers can cut your monthly premium in half or more.

Another big deal is that some insurance companies offer car liability insurance, which can help cover you if your rental vehicle is damaged or stolen while in transit to or from your job site. In addition, it can significantly benefit nurses and other healthcare professionals who frequently travel for work.

Aside from the apparent car rental options, you can also find great travel-related perks through credit card companies. The best part is that these perks are usually included as a bundled benefit with your main credit card, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra for supplemental insurance on top of your introductory rate.


One of the main benefits of taking a cruise is that it takes you out of your regular daily routine, which can be a good thing for travelers with chronic health conditions. It also allows you to experience new cultures and destinations.

Travel sites have been offering discounts to medical workers and first responders since the coronavirus pandemic started last year, recognizing their sacrifices to keep us safe. It includes deals on flights, hotels, car rentals, and cruises. The discount is available to all qualified healthcare professionals and their families, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare personnel.


Big travel brands have been stepping up, with many needing medical care. Hotels have offered free rooms to medical workers, and Michelin-starred restaurants donate meals to those in need.

Airlines are also taking the lead with deals like offering free flights to medical professionals who have volunteered to work at hospitals in hard-hit areas of the country.

Travel sites offer a wide range of options when it comes to flights. They mix and match flight combinations from multiple airlines to create convenient and affordable itineraries. Some even have flight search features such as low-fare calendars that can save you time and money when traveling.

In addition to offering the best deals from all major airlines, many websites also provide rewards programs for frequent flyers that can help you score free flights or discounted airfare.

Another benefit of using travel sites is that they are often more responsive than traditional airline websites and provide a more comprehensive range of options and discounts.

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