4 Eco-Friendly Activities You Can Teach Your Kids

Being green is an activity not only limited to adults and parents because kids should also be involved in the eco-friendly initiatives while they’re still young. Kids that participate in awareness drives and actions to save the environment develop responsibility and care for the resources of this world. After all, sustainability is one of the challenges every generation should address to keep this planet habitable.
The activities listed in this article are simple to follow, and kids will find it easy to save water, energy, reduce waste, and recycle.  Here are some of the eco-friendly activities that you can do with your kids.


By using simple and clear instructions, your kids can include recycling in their habits. The moment your kids understand how important recycling is and how it is done, you can immediately catch their interest.

You can start by organizing your garbage bins into different colors and labeling them correctly. Associate the colors to the type of garbage that can be placed in them. Then teach your kids the fundamental processes of junk removal, with the help of Evergreen Junk Removal so that they have an idea of what their role is to achieve this task.

Promote walking

Train your kids to walk whenever necessary and not to expect that they need a car for shorter distances. Show them that walking can be fun with the mini adventures they may enjoy if they cross the park or traverse the pedestrian lane on their way to school or vice versa. You can also explain to them the benefits of walking for health.

Basic waste reduction

Another simple task you can teach your kids is the concept of minimizing and reduction. It can be as basic as finishing their food or taking only the amount that they can eat to avoid wastage. Also, teach them to buy only what is needed for school, and anything that’s excess should be kept for future use. Kids must also learn to maximize the use of certain items before they are replaced or stored away.

Energy reduction

Similar to waste reduction, you can train your kids to be responsible for power use. Basic tasks such as turning off the lights and electrical devices when not in use and unplugging appliances are fundamental but significant habits. Teach them also to use natural light whenever available by opening the blinds.

This practice can reduce your electricity bill, and involving everyone in your family helps you reach your energy reduction target.

Other than what is listed in this article, there are still some other eco-friendly practices you can teach your kids which they can comply with quickly. Being green should not be a difficult lifestyle shift, but rather a process that takes time and effort. Training your kids at an early age can significantly impact their habits growing up; thus, the ideal time is at this stage. Taking care of the environment is everyone’s obligation, so start training your kids about the fundamentals of being green.


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