What Are The Benefits Of Applying Compost Top Dressing To Your Soil?

Whether you have a sports field or garden, the benefits of applying natural compost to your soil are obvious. It can provide valuable nutrients that will aid in the production of healthy and beneficial plants and flowers. Not only that, but it’s a natural pest deterrent and help keep weeds from taking over your garden or sports field. So why not make it part of your turf management program?

There are many benefits to making compost a part of your sport field maintenance program. The first, and most obvious benefit, are the use of natural fertilizers in the mix. In addition to using these natural fertilizers, you’ll be able to eliminate the use of chemicals to control the growth of your plants. Compost is an excellent plant food that is made up of broken down plant materials such as fallen leaves, branches, grass clippings, animal manure, and other garden waste. By utilizing this natural fertilizer, you will be able to fertilize all areas of your sports field with no additional chemicals whatsoever. That saves you money in the long run.

Another benefit to adding compost to your sports field maintenance program is that it’s an excellent organic fertilizer that won’t damage your lawn. As an organic fertilizer, compost will help to aerate the soil and improve its overall texture and functionality. It will also help to increase the amount of nutrients in the soil that your plants get through the process of decomposition. You’ll find that your plants will be healthier as well as grow stronger as a result.

In addition to the many health benefits of compost to your sports field, it’s an excellent natural fertilizer that will help to reduce the amount of money that you spend on commercial fertilizers. Composting your yard will help save you money because you’ll be able to buy organic fertilizer that will cost less than those that commercial plants are sold for. In addition, you can ensure that you’re providing a healthy and stable environment for your animals by composting your organic matter as well. There’s no added fertilizing or toxic chemical inputs to worry about when you’re using natural compost as a natural fertilizer.

If you have a sports field maintenance project coming up soon, or even if you’re just concerned about the cleanliness and health of your yard right now, you may want to consider applying some compost for top dressing to your yard. It’s cheap, easy, and a very easy way to make sure that your yard receives the benefits of natural fertilizer without any of the additional costs and problems that traditional fertilizers can cause.

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