Online casino games are very convenient as they are not only played through the virtual random generator mode but can also involve the services of a live dealer. These live dealer formats give the feel of a real casino as well and the convenience a virtual casino. It’s like a two treat in one. Players are able to play from their comfort zones but do not use random generators to create random outcomes. Live dealers at physical casinos are used to get the random outcomes of the games. The live dealer might be stationed at a physical casino or a live studio made to look exactly like a real casino. Hence, the players have the feeling playing of a real casino but are actually stationed in their comfort zones.

Online slots

Games on the slot machines are made live via online means. The mesin slot online is more enticing than the physical fruttie (physical slot machine). This is because Situs slot online provide more bonuses than the physical fruttie. Bonuses such as welcome bonus, insurance bonus, no-deposit bonus, referral bonus etc. are offered.

Live games


The game of card comparison is prominently played via the live dealer method. A live dealer in a physical casino relays the outcome of the cards dealt to the players. The dealer generally communicates with the players via a verbal means.


The live dealer in this game functions in the exact way as it does in the game of baccarat. The outcome of the cards dealt is passed on to the players individually.

Sic bo

This game of chance dependent on the roll of dice can also be featured live. The outcome of the dice rolled is related to the players. The winner of the bet is therefore announced.

Heads or tails

This is also a game of chance. However, the odds of winning are higher. The winning odds are equivalent to the odds of losing (50-50). The live operator flips the coin and announces the results of the flip to the players. The winner of the bet is determined from the announcement.


This wheel game can also be handled by a live operator. The operator relays the results of the ball landings in the colored and numbered pockets to the players. The result of the game then determines which bets are won.

Red and white

The live operation is similar to roulette. However, the ball lands in red, white or yellow squares in the grid.


This is a dice game with the live operation similar to sic bo. The result of the roll of the dice is passed across to the players. The chance of winning this game is actually high in comparison with other dice games.


The outcome of the card dealt in this game is related to the players by the live croupier. This makes the card game more interesting as the players are able to engage with the feel of a physical casino.

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