Filing a Manhattan Car Insurance Claim: Keeping Yourself Informed Throughout the Process

As a victim of a Manhattan car accident, you may be wondering what to do. Apart from getting effective and prompt medical care for your injuries, you must deal with your insurer. Unfortunately, even a minor fender-bender can become a major challenge that requires you to spend time to obtain the benefits you believed you had paid for.

It helps to have advanced information as you go through the process. Car insurance policies are not made equal, so some suggestions may not apply in your case. But, knowing what might occur can eradicate undesirable surprises while you seek compensation for medical expenses, property damages, and other accident-related costs. You will get the most important information you need by consulting with a car accident lawyer in Manhattan.

Things You Must Do that Can Help Your Claim

Any related information you can collect after a car crash can be vital for your insurance claim. Once you file a claim, your insurance provider may ask you for different details such as the names of all people involved in the accident, the location and time of the accident, as well as the road and weather conditions when it happened. You will these pieces of information, together with photos and reports, to serve as evidence necessary to get adequate compensation. Right after the crash, make sure to call 911 and have the police make a report. Then, exchange contact information with the other party involved and collect evidence from the scene such as photos and videos.

What Does Being in a No-Fault State Mean to Your Case?

The state of New York makes no-fault insurance available. This means that victims of car accidents will get coverage up to a particular amount for injuries, vehicle damage, and other related costs, no matter who caused the crash. Drivers registered in the state must carry no-fault insurance or personal injury protection (PIP) that offers up to $50, 000 for every person involved in a crash. But, eligible does not apply to some individuals including a driver who was behind the wheel while being under the influence, those who intentionally, caused their own injuries, those who were in a motorcycle or all-terrain vehicle, sustained injuries while committing a felony, and those who drove a stolen vehicle.

Accident victims have thirty days from the date of their accident to file a no-fault insurance claim. Failing to file within this timeframe will result in insurance providers refusing to pay their damages. Injured pedestrians who were hit by a car must file their claim with the driver’s insurance provider.

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